Why use your local florist?

Whether you’re in search of flowers for a wedding, a funeral, a conference or simply for a special occasion, the first point of call for many of us is a florist.

A good florist should always guide the customer to an arrangement that suits their style and taste, but equally should never be afraid of introducing something a little bold or daring. A good florist will always anticipate what the overall impact of a design is, not just how individual flowers or types of flowers look together. A gift of flowers should always take your breath away!

There are literally thousands of websites where you can order flowers, but many of them are not run by someone who actually delivers flowers to the consumer.  They may just gather your order and charge an additional service fee before forwarding your order to a real local florist to fill.  Many of these sites also use deceptive advertising practices, making you think that you are dealing with an actual local florist, some even listing the names of local florists.  Their intent is obvious, they want you to think they are a florist in the town you want flowers delivered to.  They take their profit and just send the order along to a “real florist” at reduced value to the florist and the customer.  The same is true for “Yellow Page” advertising, many of the largest ads are for businesses with no local store front, and they are just gathering your order and passing it on to a real local florist.

There are many advantages to using a real local florist.  They know which products are the freshest, the prettiest and available.  There is no middle man to keep part of your purchase price, so you get better value for your money.  And, most importantly, using a quality local florist is the best way to assure freshness, prompt delivery and satisfaction. To achieve the best quality flowers an experienced and professional florist would arrange the flowers. Also if your flowers need delivering in a hurry you can order flowers via your local florist who are more likely to be able to successfully deliver them due to their location.

At Drake Algar we have a team of highly skilled, creative and talented florists who are passionate about flowers. From the simplest of bouquets to large event floral displays our creative approach, unyielding commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail are evident in everything we do.


Weddings can be expensive occasions and ordering your flowers is no exception. However, most florists will have a range of packages on offer that you can choose from. These will include flowers for the bridal party, buttonholes and corsages, table-top arrangements and flowers for the cake.

Wedding Rose DomeRose Wedding Dome Bridal Bouquet

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2 thoughts on “Why use your local florist?

  1. Lily&Rose says:

    I completely agree that supporting your local florist is a must. Although extremely talented and creative, Florists still require the support of their community and customers to make their business a success and provide their amazing service for years to come.

  2. eimrahc says:

    I definitely agree, that’s why I support local store!

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