World’s Largest Hanging Flower Basket

Towering 25 ft above the ground, a 20 x 10ft flower basket known as ‘The Hanging Gardens of Paddington’, contains over 100 different varieties of plants and flowers, including orchids, roses, ivy, daisies, gerberas, ferns, conifers and moss.

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The world’s largest hanging basket weighs more than ¼ ton and took a team of designers, engineers and gardeners more than three weeks to assemble and eight hours to hoist up to it’s spot in front of The Hotel Indigo, where it was created to celebrate the Paddington hotel’s opening.

When comparing it to the normal sized floral basket, we can really see the shear size and magnitude of this huge floral basket. Its an amazing piece of imaginative and creativity which captured the imagination of many walking by it!

The reason behind such a massive task was the idea by Hotel Indigo who planned to change the plants with the seasons. Karin Nielsen, hotel spokesperson, commented: “Our hotel is all about unique design, bold colours and seasonal changes so what better way to mark its arrival in the UK than by creating the world’s largest hanging basket.

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