Fair Flowers Fair Plants

Fair Flowers, Fair Plants


Here at Drake Algar we want to do our part to provide our customers & clients with the most beautiful flowers and plants without compromising the environment or the wellbeing of the people who grow our blooms. Here’s how we’re trying to make a difference.

The Problem!

There are thousands upon thousands of flowers purchased each and every day worldwide.  Unfortunately, many of us do not necessarily buy quality or ethically produced plants or flowers.  The thoughtful emotion behind the gesture of sending flowers is not always shared by members of the flower industry.  Flowers should certainly no longer express any kind of exploitive practice.  However in many circumstances we do not know if certain ethical measures are being met. As its been revealed in recent years with supply chains & poor practices.

Solving the Problem!

Thankfully many steps are being taken to eradicate such practices by ensuring that customers can buy flowers knowing that the entire production cycle underwent the highest level of scrutiny and accountability possible in the flower market.  The Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP) Organisation, are an international standard for flowers and plants consumers, they monitor and check ethical standards, right from the flower or plant grower to the beautiful bouquet or plant that the consumer receives. It is a young but well established initiative to stimulate the production and trade of flowers and plants cultivated in a sustainable manner: flowers and plants cultivated in a way that respects people and the environment.

These products are now presented to consumers under the label FFP. Sustainably cultivated products are important for our living environment, since their cultivation puts as low a burden as possible on the environment, and good working conditions within the enterprises are guaranteed.

Become a Member!

The Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP) Organisation is an international alliance of trade unions, nongovernmental organisations and international flower trade organisations that have all reached an agreement on the standards and procedures to create a decent and healthy industry that better symbolises the flowers they are selling and their aspirations for an ethical flower industry.

FFP start from the very beginning of the cycle allowing for the Growers, Traders, Retailers & Consumers to a part of their exciting organisation and practices.

Drake Algar is proud to say that they are trusted members of FFP

Fair Flowers Fair Plants Goals!

FFP aims to promote sustainable production of cut flowers and plants so that there is no negative or harmful impact on the environment. In other words FFP try to ensure that our world is being looked after and that it will be here for many more generations to come.

It is hopeful that it will lead to an overall reduction in exploitation of the environment and people by unscrupulous individuals.

How will the Goals be achieved?

Producers have to meet high standards regarding environmental and social aspects of their production.   If they achieve certification for those standards following inspection by independent certification organisations, they are allowed to sell their products under the FFP umbrella and bearing the FFP label.  This label then follows the flowers from the fields, through to the auction houses where flowers are sold, through to florists such as Drake Algar, and then finally to you, the consumer.  With these procedures the consumer can be confident that at every stage they are supporting ethically produced flowers.

How is this process tracked effectively?

The process of tracking flowers as they pass through the supply chain is crucial to the success of FFP and its goals.  The good news is that even with the rise of supermarkets buying direct from growers, over 60% of all flowers bought and sold are still channeled through auction houses in Holland (they process around 40 million blooms a day from not only Dutch growers but also from exporting countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe, Israel, Colombia, and Ecuador).  The auction houses are strong supporters of the FFP Organisation and are making strenuous efforts to increase the visibility for FFP to buyers on the auctions. This is essential support that FFP rely on with many inspections & other supporters.

What is Drake Algar’s involvement?

Through our years of experience and contacts in Holland and the flower markets, we were made aware of this initiative very early on and were keen to get involved.  As a result, Drake Algar is one of many florists in the UK to be a FFP Retailer to which we are very proud to have that privilege.  Our buying team always aims to buy flowers that are ethically sourced as much as possible, to ensure that we pass on peace of mind to our customers. Being a very new standard, not all products are currently available under the FFP banner.  You can recognize FFP products by checking they gave the FFP Label this label ensures that every single part of the bouquet has passed ethical measures. At the moment this can be difficult to achieve but we hope that with more time all our products will meet the FFP standards.


Drake Algar has a variety of different coloured & sized boxes which have been specially designed for our bouquets for both looks & ethical measures. The strong cardboard holders come complete with an easy to use & carry thought! Our boxes are also made with 95% recyclable materials so once it has done its job it can then be reused or recycled.

Drake Algar hope that over the next few years all flowers bought and sold in the UK will be FFP approved. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, please email us at shop@drakealgar.com
The Drake Algar Team

1b St Johns Wood High Street, St Johns Wood, London NW8 7NG

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