The Perfect Wedding Day

Wedding days are one of the most importants dates of many brides and grooms to be, its an amazing day of the joining  together of two people that will dedicate a long partnership for the rest of there lives. Before this day can take place much planning needs to be considered .. a venue, dress, date, guests, decoration, invites, flowers, reception and party just to name a few. There any many ways in which you can approach your wedding day in terms of planning you can decide to do it all yourself if you have the time to do so, many choose to hire a wedding planner.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers are essential to any wedding, they provide joy and decoration to the venue and have been involved in weddings for centuries. There are many ways in which you can tackle how to get your wedding flowers supplied many decide to choose the local florist or maybe a more established designer florist who can deliver bespoke flowers. Some brides decide to actualy create the displays themselves which would save a substantial sum however the final outcome may not be as visioned. There are a number of things to consider when choosing the flowers. The dress, theme, budget, amount of guests, tables, and reception these would be divided into sections of bouquets for the bride and bridesmaid which will also include personals and corsages for the best man and groom. The table centres and the pedestal arrangements.

Its good to get some research done before you jump in at the deep end, look at bridal magazines, and blogs such as: show some fabulous wedding inspiration, the most beautiful details, and the most gorgeous photographs for you to devour with the sincere hope that you will find one shot, one little piece of perfection that might inspire your wedding design. The only hard part out is sorting through all the amazing images to find fabulous ideas for your own big day. So we’re breaking it down for you in one pretty page. From fashion to photo shoots and color palettes to inspiration boards, you can browse through all the décor ideas and stylish finds starting right here.

Drake Algar Flowers based in the UK have some stunning flowers that can all be seen at:


Your special day full of heightened emotions of happiness should be marked with floral compositions to add yet another aspect of pleasure. At Drake Algar we treat each of our happy couples with the very best client service, providing consultative support then creating inspiring, tailored, floral designs each unique to a clients personal wishes. The Drake Algar Wedding team has evolved over many years constantly striving to make your day of dreams come to reality in every possible facet.

Since 1937 Drake Algar Florist having been providing a dedicated flower delivery, wedding, flowers, plants, corporate and event flowers service to the UK.


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