Drake Algar Facebook

Since the arrival of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have revolutionized the way people communicate over the internet. Due to such developments, Drake Algar are continuely trying to keep fans and customers in the know about our company and what were up to whether its a weekend wedding or our latest discount. We’ve recently uploaded our promo page to allow all new visitors/likes to receive a first or next online order discount. To veiw our promo page and facebook page visit www.facebook.com/DrakeAlgarFlowers or see a print scrren below:

Customer service and satisfaction is important to any retail service and this is no exception for Drake Algar, social networks such as facebook now allow us to communicate with customers on a regular basis to hear the most important veiws; “theres” on prooducts, promotions and the rare complaint can also be solved through such networks.

Facebook pages are now very adaptable there are a number of tools and uses through the network such as the above promotions or the use of PPC simular to that of google adwords or also creating your own in-house facebook store. These stores can be either linked back to the main site or even purchased through facebook through gateways/third partys such as Payvment. A good example of a facebook store that really is a mirror design of its main site can be seen below which is the facebook store of Pampers UK.

Social networking is now an essential marketing tool for nearly all retailers not only for customer interaction but for SEO and Rankings.

The Drake Algar flower delivery service is one that continues to grow and we hope that our social following replicates this. We would hope all our customers or fans could join our Drake Algar Facebook Page so we can let you in all the exciting gossip.

  The Facebook Shopping mall

Shopping Mall is your place on Facebook to grab exclusive deals on top brand merchandise. Share what you like with friends and shop from the over 50,000 merchants selling on Facebook.


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