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Valentine’s Flowers by Drake Algar

As we all know, roses are the traditional gift on Valentine’s Day, but who says they have to be red?

Drake Algar have created some wonderful bouquets and arrangements this year for Valentine’s Day. While red Roses proclaim ‘I love you,’ other colours, especially pink, white and lilac, can have similar meanings when sent on the most romantic day of the year. Drake Algar have designed some bespoke tradional red rose arrangments that include the popular Dozen Red Roses to the extravagent 24 Grand Prix

Pink roses are symbol of grace and elegance, they have the meaning of admiration. Pink Roses can also convey gratitude and appreciation.

Pearl Love bouquet

Here we’ve carefully selected the finest sweet avalanche roses, along with pink cymbidium to create an exquisite hand-tied bouquet, and a very elegant Valentine’s Day gift.

Sending Lilac roses to someone means that you have fallen in love at first sight and are enchanted by them – a very romantic alternative to red.

Velvet Mix

Here we’ve combined the very finest purple tulips, blue hyacinth and a delicate pink shade of memory lane roses. Hand-tied with a lush foliage, the overall effect is one of pure romance. This is a gift she is going to love.

White roses symbolise truth and innocence, while conveying new beginnings – perfect for first time Valentine’s Day flowers and can be seen why trhough the delightful diamond love bouquet.

Diamond Love

Send your loved-one an elegantly arranged bouquet of soft, white avalanche roses and equally luxurious white cymbidium this is the perfect bouquet to send to someone very special

Valentine’s Day History

Valentine’s Day dates back to the third century in Rome, when Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers, in the process outlawing marriage for young men.

As a result, Valentine ‘a young priest’ so enraged by the decision, decided to risk punishment by continuing to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. Claudius eventually discovered Valentine’s actions and sentenced him to death. Whilst imprisoned awaiting his fate, Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter and sent a note to her, signing it “From Your Valentine” – an expression we still use today.

Valentine was executed on February 14th, 270 AD, with the date later declared a day to honour Valentine’s actions by Pope Gelasius.

The history of sending flowers to a loved one on Valentine’s Day flowers comes from the old-fashioned custom of sending floral bouquets to pass on non-verbal messages.

So if you’re looking for beautiful fresh Valentines Days Flowers then look no further! Choose flowers for Valentines Day with Drake Algar & browse our selection of luxury bouquets to find the right one for your special someone. With a great selection of Valentines Flowers you can spoil your special someone with a gorgeous gift this Valentine’s Day.If your looking for something special this year then go for one of our stunning bouquets, along with a luxury box of chocolates or champagne. That’s the perfect way to make sure this Valentines Day is a special one.

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Christmas Flowers

View the new Drake Algar Christmas Flowers Collection for 2011, an inspirational festive range of beautiful fresh floral bouquets that will sure to spread emotions of joy for this seasons winter and christmas period.

Orange, red and golden shades are still popular in winter but, with the crisp white shades and vivid Ilex berries to be seen everywhere on the trees and shrubs, it suddenly seems the time to send christmas bouquets of red and white flowers. Our winter bouquets with their hot sizzling colours are sure to delight those lucky enough to receive them.Drake Algar have carefuly selected a range sparkling colours from the festive season,  with combinations of rich grand prix red roses and beautiful cymbidium create a stunning christmas bouquet which would be a wonderful gift to receive. Our christmas collection has a selection of icy whites and delicate glittered flowers complimented by seasonal foliage in deep greens.


Celebrate Christmas Spirit with the beatiful fresh hand made flowers from Drake Algar. Chistmas flowers delivered are sure to delight during the festive season, and could be the perfect way to decorate the house in beautiful winter white and warm christmas reds. Enjoy the floral combinations of the Red Cinamon Sensation or be dazzled with the Sparkled Surprise

Bring the beauty of christmas to a room with some beautiful christmas flowers from Drake Algar. Don’t forget to add that extra special touch to your gift, select from our range of fine chocolates, bears, champagne and wine .

Popular Winter and Christmas flowers include:

Poinsettia, Amaryllis, Christmas Cactus, Christmas Flower Accents, Roses, Cymbidium, Barcara, Freesia, Hyacinths Lilys and Seasonal Foliage such as Ilex Berry

Also view the Drake Algar Christmas Hampers range

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